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What Is SMEA?

SMEA Analytics is an emerging FinTech startup involved in the revival of sick MSME units. It provides a FinTech platform, giving an in-depth analysis of financial statements of MSMEs and providing guidance to optimize performance and cost, leading to an increase in the average life of the MSME units. It’s parent company Growth Idea Lab is a leading turnaround company with proven expertise in providing quality solutions for revival of sick MSME units.

SMEA Analytics has collaborated with 15+ companies, working with 6 sick MSMEs and have already brought 2 SMEs from crisis phase to stabilization phase.

Bottlenecks Faced By MSMEs

Lack Of Awareness About Importance:


Majority of SME entrepreneurs prepare their financial statements mechanically, but do not give much attention into the importance of analysing the statements to improve operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Our marketing team makes efforts in creating awareness among Entrepreneurs via various online campaigns, seminars and other media.


Lack Of Awareness About Methods Used:


Even if some entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of analysing their financial statements, they may not be able to know the analysis methods used, and the interpretations of these statements for their units.

Our Solution

  • The entrepreneurs need not have knowledge about the algorithms used in our user-friendly software to analyse their financial statements.
  • The ratios are calculated and graphs and recommendations are generated automatically, free of cost.



The entrepreneurs, who are aware of the importance and methods, also find it hard to allocate time to calculate all the ratios. So they neglect them and carry on with their intuition.

Our Solution

The efforts to be taken by the entrepreneur to use our software are minimal; She/he has to just upload the necessary statements and get the reports in their registered e-mail.

How Does SMEA Work?

  1. The Entrepreneurs enter their financial statements digitally at their convenient place and convenient time in our website.
  2. Our back-end algorithms calculate the ratios automatically and presents them in a numerical and graphical manner, which make the information easily understandable.
  3. From these ratios and graphs, recommendations are made to reduce our client’s inefficiencies, if any.
  4. A detailed report is sent to the registered e-mail id.